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What are the best options when you buy a new floor? A few considerations you can make now

When you start a renovation or if you buy a new house, the floor is one of the first things you will work on. It is also one of the most important things. You also walk on it every day and it is the largest surface of the house. Plus, you have to look at it every day.

Personal taste

The type of floor depends a lot on your personal taste. If you don’t really know what your taste is yet, there are a lot of options to look at. For example, you can go to a showroom. Walk around and see what really appeals to you. You can also ask questions to the people who work there for advice on materials. You can also compare prices and colors right away.

To get inspired

Getting inspired isn’t a bad idea either. Nowadays there are a lot of programs about the renovation of a house. Watch some episodes of that. You can also go to Pinterest for inspiration. You can create a mood board for your whole house, or per part. For example, you can make one board for the kitchen, and one for the bathroom and so on.

Compare types of tiles

Ceramic tiles are made scratch-resistant, colorfast and maintenance-friendly. So a very good consideration to make. You also have different types of styles to choose from here. Perhaps you prefer a wood look, or a concrete look. However you want to organize your home, this is a smart investment. Especially so that you have less maintenance. High-end floor tiles also give your whole house a sleek and chic look.

You can also opt for the cheap solution and go for laminate. This is less beautiful and wears out faster. Even if you expect to be able to scratch quickly or if you have children and you are sure that you will live somewhere for a long time, it is smart to invest something more robust. You can then sell it better later because it still looks very nice when you buy it on the siti arredamento online.

Shop and online

When you finally know what kind of floor you want and what you want it to look like, the question is where to buy it. You can search for the store, but also online. Today, customer service is just as good online as it is in store. So if you go to the store for that, it might be unnecessary. But if you are still not sure about your business, a store is the better solution, then you can have a look around. If you are sure of your business, it is best to order online, because it is much more convenient and you can also easily contact us with, for example, stuff you can find on this website from Italy.

Whether you go for ceramic tiles or laminate, make sure you are sure of your case. It’s an important choice. Invest where possible in the best equipment. And think carefully about the colors that return to your home. But above all, have fun decorating your own place!

BTC & coins

Robert Kiyosaki races to buy Bitcoin and Ether as the economy weakens

Robert Kiyosaki—American businessman and author of Rich Dad Poor Dad—maintains his protracted campaign for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gold, and Silver, ceaselessly criticizing the government for the state of the economy.

In a recent tweet which was only one of the several elements that characterize his campaign for virtual assets, the entrepreneur declared, “Money is a drug. It makes people happy. Problem is when drug wears off people get unhappy. But gold silver Bitcoin money and stay happy”.

Kiyosaki has since the start of the pandemic been lambasting government policies which he believes would potentially lead to hyperinflation, disparaging fiat currency, and campaigning for the adoption of virtual assets which, in his words, are “real money”. England Crypto is popular.

The businessman who is also the author of Rich Global LLC noted that he is disinterested in ongoing arguments about which asset holds more value and is solely looking to acquire as much as he can. “So I’m just grateful I have a lot of gold, silver, Bitcoin, and Ethereum and I don’t get into the argument”, he said in a new Rich Dad Radio Show episode, further maintaining, “Just get as much as you can right now because the government is screwed. We’re screwed. Our whole economy is screwed”.

In his incessant campaign, Kiyosaki has not missed an opportunity to criticize the Federal Reserve especially in the area of economic policies in combatting growing financial problems. In one of his several tweets, he claims stimulus checks negatively affect the middle class, saying, “Millions very happy government passes US$1.9 trillion stimulus bill. Who wouldn’t be happy with free money? Problem is free money makes poor and middle class poorer. Buy more gold silver and Bitcoin”.

Late last year, Kiyosaki predicted Bitcoin’s “next stop” would be $50,000 when it was only a little above $19,000 sometime in December last year, urging people to purchase the crypto asset before his prediction materializes. He said, “Glad I bought Bitcoin. Next stop $50 k. Wall of institutional money coming 2021. Buy below $20 k […] Future bright for gold silver Bitcoin and entrepreneurs”.

Robert Kiyosaki races to buy Bitcoin and Ether as the economy weakens

Besides Kiyosaki, other notable individuals, including economists, CEOs, and financial experts have declared support for Bitcoin. “It’s probably going to US$100,000, then US$150,000, then US$200,000”, said Chamath Palihapitiya, founder, and CEO of Social Capital on CNBC’s “Halftime Report” two months ago. Germany Cryptocurrency is popular.

Howard Marks, billionaire writer and co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management in a recent interview said bitcoin is better than an emerging-market currency, finally letting go of his misgivings towards the digital asset.

Nonetheless, some investors have warned the public against investing too much in the cryptocurrency, one of whom is Mark Cuban, an American entrepreneur, who likened investing in bitcoin to gambling. James Ledbetter, an American author, also noted that bitcoin “is a highly volatile, highly risky investment”, asking investors to be “mentally and financially prepared” for a crash in the long run.